We at Envitime have the desire and drive to contribute to resolve plastic packaging wastes problem

Conventional plastics pose an almost unsolvable problem and their restriction through European Directive on Single Use Plastics Ban only transfers the problem to different materials, such as paper. Fortunately, there are available materials on the market that offer a sustainable alternative to most current applications of plastics in our life. We work only with select bioplastic materials which truly are what they claim.


There are many materials on the market which denominate themselves “bioplastics”, we work however only with those two and their blends, which truly are bioplastics in the purest sense:

Patented PHB-PLA-TPS Blend – The Best of both PHB and PLA worlds

PHB – Polyhydroxybutyrate

PLA – Polylactic acid

The above mentioned bioplastics are the only materials which truly stand up for their name. They are fully biosourced and biodegradable - they decompose in compost or other suitable microbiologically active environment.

Bioplastics in the purest sense

Other materials, such as PBS/PCL/PBAT/bioelastomers or bio – PP/PE/PET/PEF/PA are unsuitable due to one of the following reasons:

  • Bio-PP/PE/PET/PEF/PA are produced from renewable resources, however, they are not biodegradable,
  • PBS/PCL/PBAT and bioelastomers are biodegradable but are still fully or partially produced from petrochemicals.


We can supply you all offered materials in unmodified form, however our advantage is the ability to use reactive and non-reactive modification methods to adapt these materials for most applications according to your requirements so that you can process them on conventional technologies. We offer you to prepare bespoke formulas, comprising only such additives so that even the resulting compound will be still biodegradable.

We perform reactive and non-reactive modification according to your requirements with:

  • lubricants
  • stabilizers
  • plasticizers
  • nucleation agents
  • fillers
  • coloring
  • others according to your requirements

Our modifications suit the following applications:

  • Blown film
  • Sheet production and thermoforming
  • Blow Moulding
  • Injection Moulding
  • Fibers and non-wovens production


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