Patented PHB-PLA-TPS Blend

We can offer you a patented PHB-PLA-TPS Blend that has been developed especially to solve the drawbacks of individually used PHB or PLA, especially processing stability

The Blend mimics the properties of polyolefins but foremost polyesters. This material has been designed from the beginning to fit into conventional plastics processing machines and it was patented in multiple variants that are finetuned for all major processing techniques such as:
  • Film blowing
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Injection moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Thermoforming and vacuum forming
  • Blow moulding
  • Melt spinning
  • Agricultural fabrics production

This Blend has supreme shape stability in temperatures up to 100°C and its biodegradability is also superior to PLA or PHB used individually. Product grades that include termoplastic starch can biodegrade not only in industrial compost, but also in home compost and soil. Degradation time has been significantly shortened, in industrial compost to maximum of 120 days.

We are happy to discuss your need and if possible, offer you a variant of this material that will best suit your processing and product requirements. We do not disclose mechanical properties of this Blend here, because of the wide variety of formulations that can be prepared.

Disclaimer: all data and information obtained via our site including but not limited to material suitability, material properties, performances and characteristics are given for information purpose only. Although the data and information contained here are believed to be accurate and correspond to the best of our knowledge, they are provided without implied warranty of any kind. Part of the data and information contained here are genericised based on commercial literature provided by polymer suppliers and other parts are coming from assessments of our experts.


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